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Variety Insight is the leading entertainment data solution that provides verified, timely, and accurate metadata around people, projects, and companies that work in the global entertainment business.  Want to keep tabs on individuals that you have worked with in the past?  Look no further, by using this service you are able to setup customized tracking alerts on any working person whether they be a writer, actor, or BTL member so that you will be the first to know the next project they start working on.

Creating lists of projects both completed and in development has never been easier… our user friendly experience allows subscribers to pick and choose from any network or studio as well as select specific genres to see what is being worked on in the industry.  From there, any project of interest can be tracked so that you’ll be automatically notified via email whenever the project moves into a later stage of production or if a certain individual gets recruited to work on it.

All WGA East members can take advantage of a 50% discount for an annual subscription simply by contacting or dialing 323-617-9551 and mentioning your affiliation.  We are also pleased to arrange demonstrations and trials to the service to properly inform members on the best practices to use this service so please take advantage of that as well.

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