Standard Contracts

You can find & download all of our standard contracts via the Relevant Links section below.

What are Standard Writing Services Contracts?

These standard writing services contract are intended to facilitate the negotiation process between a writer (or their representative) and a company employing that writer. We encourage writers to use this contract in place of deal memos or quickly jotted notes to confirm the terms just negotiated. Companies, writers, and their representatives may use these forms to memorialize employment agreements before the submission of a “long-form” agreement.

The WGA Basic Agreement requires Companies to deliver contracts within specific time frames following agreement on major deal points and/or commencement of services (generally within two to three weeks). In the event the Company fails to deliver a contract within the MBA time limits after agreement on the major deal points, this form contract may be used to confirm the deal with the Company.

The WGAE can provide business advice and suggestions, but it cannot provide legal counsel during negotiations.

Therefore, please consult your own attorney regarding negotiations of this agreement as well as the legal effect of these documents. If you need legal counsel, please reach out to Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts to explore your options.

The standard writing services contracts can help to:

  • Streamline the drafting process.
  • Ensure inclusion of provisions of particular importance to Theatrical and Long-Form Television writers (especially regarding “Producer’s Drafts”).
  • Assist in assuring timely payment.

How does it work?

The standard writing services contracts can be tailored to reflect the negotiating terms of any writing services contract you negotiate. The are standard form contracts available for employment on theatrical motion pictures and for long-form television. For both of these categories—theatrical and long-form television—there are two versions of the standard writing services contract: one for directly employed writers and another for writers employed through loan-outs.

When subject to the MBA, the terms of the MBA supersede any provisions in the form that are less favorable. This form also contains provisions not required in the MBA, but which the WGAE recognizes as either “standard” or important to negotiate in an individual writer’s contract. Please call the WGAE if you have questions.

What are the benefits?

Using this contract can and will make your life easier both at the time the deal is negotiated and in those unfortunate instances when a dispute arises at a later time. We believe these contracts can help get writers paid faster, reduce disputes over contract language and eliminate the inclusion of unexpected and unwelcome provisions that too often are discovered after a contract is signed.

How do I file a Standard Writing Services Contract?

Download and complete the appropriate Standard Writing Services Contract from the list provided. Each form contains blanks to be filled in and boxes to be checked, to reflect the individual agreement as negotiated. Please ensure all relevant spaces are filled in, then contact the Guild for additional information.

Who should I contact?

If you are filing documents, contact the Signatories, Contracts, and Agency Administrator Rochelle Rubin via phone at 212-767-7837 or via email.

If you would like more information about contracts, contact Geoff Betts at 212-767-7852 or via email.

The standard writing services contracts can be tailored to reflect the negotiating terms of any writing services contract you negotiate.

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