The Truth About Agency Studios Online Action Toolkit

Use the graphics and sample posts below to share the video and spread the truth about agency studios.



  • When your agency owns a studio, opportunities coming from other studios are their competition. Can you trust them to give you a complete picture of the market and demand for your work? Watch the video to learn more: #ClientsOverConflicts
  • Agency studios have an incentive NOT to tell you about outside employment offers. That will cost you money and opportunities. Watch the video to learn more: #ClientsOverConflicts



  • An agency studio can keep a majority of show profits, even more as they take packaging fees on their own shows. Agency profits from producing create an even greater conflict than packaging alone. Watch the video to learn more: #ClientsOverConflicts
  • Instead of making more when clients make more, agency studios profit from leveraging access to a captive pool of talent. When they also take packaging fees, their backend can easily be 60 points. Watch the video to learn more: #ClientsOverConflicts

For more, read our analysis of affiliated studios.

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