Contract 2020

About the 2020 MBA Negotiations

Due to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WGA and the AMPTP have agreed to extend the 2017 WGA Minimum Basic Agreement expiration date from May 1 to June 30, 2020.

Therefore, writers will continue to be covered by the current contractual terms through the end of June.

The Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA) is the collective bargaining agreement that covers the benefits, rights, and protections for most of the work done by WGA members. The contract covers screen, television, and new media writers.

Every three years, the Writers Guild of America, East and the Writers Guild of America West negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), the entertainment industry’s official collective bargaining representative.

If you’re looking for information about the 2017 MBA, visit Guild Contracts.

Negotiations Need to Know

Bargaining Proposals

History of WGA Contract Negotiations and Gains

MBA Negotiations FAQ

Pattern of Demands

2020 MBA Pattern of Demands (2/7/20)

Negotiating Committee

2020 Negotiating Committee Members

Contact Us

To stay better informed, we encourage you to join a member team with a Guild captain. Your captain can help address your questions and concerns. They can also let you know about opportunities to engage with fellow Guild members. You can email Geoff Betts for more information. When you reach out, please let us know if you primarily work in television or screen so we can place you on a team that is right for you.

Want to get more involved in support of the Guild’s bargaining agenda? You can volunteer to be a Captain by emailing Geoff Betts. Captains represent a team of writers (called a Member Team). Specifically, they communicate members’ questions and concerns to Guild leadership and staff. In addition, Captains help to mobilize members in support of the campaign.

You can also email questions to Geoff Betts. Alternatively you can bookmark this page for information about the negotiations process, bargaining topics, and campaign developments.

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