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Monday August 9, 2010

Statement on Google/Verizon Deal

While the Writers Guild of America, East, AFL-CIO, usually takes pride in celebrating creativity, we must condemn the creative magic by which Verizon and Google have split the online world into  the “public Internet” and “additional differentiated online services.” This semantic sleight of hand seeks to prioritize online content, granting privilege and advantage to those content creators with deeper pockets who would like nothing better than to destroy the concept of net neutrality.

In their joint statement today, the two companies emphasize their dedication to the principles of net neutrality. But prioritized content runs directly counter to those principles, giving the upper hand to a favored few willing to pay more to wrest control of broadband access.

Today, we have had a glimpse of the broadband future, and it will not stand for those who have come to depend on the Internet not only for information and entertainment but the freedom of expression it offers to everyone. We urge Congress and the FCC to scrutinize this backdoor method of prioritizing Internet content carefully and to see it for the violation of liberty and creativity that it is.

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